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Local Gem Orly Couture

Right under our noses in New York city lies so much talent. My inbox is always overflowing with talented designers reaching out to me. I sometimes do not make the time to go through it all. But luckily I visited Orly Shani's website Orly Couture because it is a gem. The styles are slightly inspired by the 80's but wearable. Original, one of a kind, re-purposed vintage, and one to check out. I love how she describes her line,
"When you buy an Orly Couture original, you’ll purchase something that’s rough around all the right edges. It’s never perfect or flawless, but it’s always just right."
Progress not perfection. Fashion should enhance not dictate.
Prices range-belts start at $20 and some dresses are $500. Most items in the $200 range. Not bad for handmade.
Orli Sheli, Inc.


SJPestana said...

Gorgeous! Thank you, darling!! More fashion info like this please!!! xoxox

Yolanda Shoshana ("Shoshi") said...

I love that black and white number. SEXY!

vineshkumar said...

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