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Pinup Style

If you missed the 1950's Prom and are into the current twist on the pinup vintage look(via east village) I suggest the DVD called How to be a Pinup Model.
The high quality video is produced by the same talented people at World Dance New York. I wish I had watched this before going to the Prom but now I have some new tips in my arsenal. Just the cat eye demo is a must for any fashionista. For my recent photo shoot I slept in foam curlers and arrived onset with my Hermes scarf tied around my head- techniques I picked up from this video. Not exactly the most comfortable way to sleep but the outcome was gorgeous.
Buy Here

Wendell Cooper

This video was made possible by the fabulous iphone of Adam Aleksander who organizes these snazzy events in New York city. This particular salon took place at the loft of the fabulous and very stylish artist Christina Casey in the flatiron district. Experience the artistry of Wendell Cooper of and with Mathew Heggem dancing in the film projection.

Gorgeous Good

Love these earrings by Geoffrey Good. Individually made-to-order, each carved Ebony stud features a single Silver Diamond set in Sterling. Approximately 1/4" overall diameter; pierced ears only. $250 for the pair. Order at

Solving your closet cleanout conundrum

When cleaning out a clients closet we most likely will run into the conundrum of what to do with that item which was a favorite, had sentimental importance but no longer fit or was in season. A tosser for sure except for the emotional draw of the item. Today I found a brilliant solution-transform you fav's into wall art. This how to shows you how. Here you go-DIY at it's best. Can't say I like the prints they chose but you get the idea.

Flood of Fashion

Flood of Fashion
Imagine if you went to your closet and there was really nothing to wear because you no longer had a closet or a home. This is what home owners experienced due to extreme flooding down in Nashville. This charity is set up for you to be able to donate your used or unused clothing directly to victims of the flood. Great use of gathered from your spring clean. Please give.

Blunt Studio Rocks

Sara Huting of Blunt Studio shows the transformation of band members Paulie and Donald of Leigh-Ra. Pomeranians are an extra plus.
To book Sara and get your own look

Style Superstar


I'm so pleased to announce that I will be leading a workshop here at my penthouse in NYC starting at the end of June. It will be a small group of fabulous women. CLICK REGISTER NOW.

4 Tuesdays June 29th, July 6th, July 13th, July 20th from 6:30pm-8:15pm
Have you wanted to reap the benefits of working with your own personal fashion stylist -- such as Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt of -- but believed the price was out of your range?

By special request, I have created a new intensive small group workshop intended to give you the style skills to transform yourself into a fashion style superstar!
The group will be limited to 5 lucky women -- to ensure great benefits and personal focus. In this intimate and safe setting we will explore:

* showing your own star colors and body shapes (unique to you).
* how to look polished during the summer months and feel comfortable.
* get a clear picture and develop your own personal style.
* find the joy in getting dressed in the morning.
* tweak the messages your image sends to the world.

Whether you're looking for a mate, changing jobs, have just had a baby, or simply want to learn to look more fabulous, this 4-week series can offer a great jolt of style to your life. This would be a wonderful experience for a mother/daughter pair, or with your closest friends.

A fashion swap-session will conclude the workshop, where you will have an opportunity to swap fashion mistakes with other women.

Don't delay, as, again, this workshop is limited to 5 women -- and it will be fabulous! Hope to see you there.

Sessions are June 29th, July 6th, July 13th, July 20th from 6:30pm-8:15pm CLICK REGISTER NOW

Les Salonierres at Flatiron Loft

Artist and the most fashionable hostess Christina Casey

Uber talented and stylish photographer Ventiko

Organized and crafted by Adam Aleksander and Jenny Miller of Les Salonnieres the private underground supper club. In New York it's all about life on the DL-hitting a public restaurant is so common but a private event with creative programming that promotes artists hits the spot.
Photo installation by Ventiko was built to provoke discourse around identity, creation, deconstruction, and creative ownership-she encouraged guests to take a piece home.
The beautiful hostess with style Christina wore a vintage inspired outfit and a few birds in the bee hive inspired do.
A handcrafted 5 course meal with paired dance performances sent guests into a sublime state of bliss.
An oyster shucking demonstration by the lovely Cathy Erway who wrote 'The Art of Eating In'.
Amazing performance art by Wendell Cooper that made me aspire to make performance art-that's a first. Can't wait to get the videos to show you.

1950's Epic Prom was a dream come true

I never got the chance to go to my prom. Long sad story but now I know why it wasn't in the cards for me. From not going I never got trauma or pain from it and when presented with the opportunity to go as a adult I jumped on it! A few years ago I went to an 80's prom with a fashionista friend as my date and happily crimped my hair and said 'oh my god' ' like totally' way too many times and had a blast.
This EPIC Prom created by the decor design god Adam Aleksander of Adam Aleksander Presents and Brain Quinn of Noble Rot proved to be a magical experience that transported me to the 1950's. Set in a defunct catholic school St. Cecilia's at 1 Monitor street in Willliamsburg.
The 4 course cafeteria inspired menu by Theo Peck and Nick Suarez of The Food Experiments was creative, nostalgic and inventive. I went crazy for the pate and crackers and I heard reports of the mac and cheese being amazing.
Honored with the role of judging and awarding crowns to Prom King and Queen I took my job seriously (well who else better suited for the job?). I interviewed guests and no outfit was left unexamined. There were no lack of imaginative costumes on the women attendees. I was looking for the magic couple which was highly participatory at the Epic Prom-no wallflowers, dressed in vintage ware appropriate for a prom, and with great attitudes. Jenny and Parr had been the first guests to sign up for the Prom, had fretted about their outfits and even Parr's red blazer was vintage. Jenny's green dress was the talk of the evening with it's endless crinolines actually belonged to a kind friend. They also got bonus points for spending lots of quality time on the dance floor.
Attending the event stag I secretly wished I could win Prom Queen but alas I judged but there was no time for being a wallflower. Despite no previous Prom experience I was whisked on the dance floor many times and was part of the crew who closed the joint-that's a first for me. DJ Count Zero (Matt Mikas) spun VINYL oldies 90% of the evening and the cool cats were diggin the tunes. As if we didn't have enough entertainment we were lucky enough to enjoy a high energy performance by Harlem James Gang.
Enjoyed a nightcap with one of my dancing fiends and new friend from Brooklyn 365 which is a very cool site. Went home happy singing to myself, "I could have danced all night"

A Magnetic SATC 2

This post is dedicated to my writing mentor and favorite 'uncle' Mark Gautier-Stay tuned for info on his play 'My Sister Michael'

I was able to play hooky on the premiere day during lunch time and see the sold out Sex and the City 2. I was aware of all the negative press so I went in with very low expectations. I figured I'm just going to watch the movie to watch the costumes. I do this frequently with old movies with slow going plots. Cineplex on 34th street was packed with Starbucks sipping, Louis Vuitton (the gateway drug of designer bags) toting, metro riding fans-ie wanna be fashionistas -ie big FANS. I got to chatting with the woman next to me who said she too knew about the bad reviews but had to see the show.
Wos there are so many bad reviews on the internet there are compilations of the WORST REVIEWS
The film totally delivers as a feast for the eyes in fact there were so many moments in the first 15 minutes of the film that I wanted to freeze frame and take in each little bobble and costume details by Patricia Field. Can't say I liked anything about SJP's best man get up-even the crown and hair atrocious. The movie certainly obviously attempting to bring big production glamour of vintage films such as Top Hat, and Gigi. The swans in the gay wedding must have been a reference to a 40's film. Talk about over the top. I felt the costumes were really garish and my favorite quote called the movie a "home video of gay men playing with giant Barbie dolls.” — Lindy West, The Stranger. The worst outfit in the whole movie for me was Samantha's red suit with spikey shoulder pads. How is that going to attract a man? Oddly I felt Miranda who is usually boring was the best dressed of the bunch-sleek and chic.
I certainly have a problem with the way SJP is continually put in bras and underwear that show through her clothing and nightgowns (who in real life wears bras to bed hello uncomfortable) because it sends a bad message to the public and private clients always ask me about if they can pull it off and I usually retort, "sorry but No but you're not Madonna" And hello who wears heels on a camel????
The fans and I were in heaven and Liza Minelli singing 'All the single ladies' certainly made it worth it. I was trying to figure out if those were her actual legs under semi transparent leggings or a body double. Wow-she's been lifted and tucked but she's a showstopper. The jokes on sex and menopause were crass, campy, basic, and expected but I have to admit I laughed. You get what you paid for.
Later on that evening I caught the 7:30pm show at Magnet theater with an improv group named Taco Supreme. As they take suggestions from the audience and are a group of 4 women (rare combo at this theater) I jumped on the opportunity to yell out 'Sex and the City' when asked for something on my mind this week. Boy did they take this one to town. I was howling. None of them could pass for any of the characters-no Charlottes here but no matter. There was a scene with a grandma demanding to be taken to a live burlesque show and then the actual stripping scene where grandma gets her own twisted lap dance, watching strangers have sex in the window across from your dorm room-trying to hide that scene when the parents stopped by, and a riff on reading romance novel like 'dusty plains' (fictitious but hilarious title by Danielle Steele for the juicy bits.)
I will be returning often to the Magnet Theatre for sidesplitting laughs but NOT buying SATC 2 for my video style collection.

New Etsy Shop

I am pleased that I have created a brand NEW Etsy shop. It's the place where I put my creative and artistic projects such as collages, necklaces, and soon note cards. Would love to hear your feedback.

Pratt Fashion Show 2010

Pratt Fashion Show 2010
Honoring the fashion icon Catherine Malandrino (looking gorgeous in a pewter silk one shoulder cocktail dress and introduced by the fabulous Kim Hastreiter) was a huge draw for this event held at the Altman Building but Timothy Kuzmeski stole the show for me. They definately saved the best for last. With his over the top volumenous and artisitic creations creeping down the runway the dress needed aid of helpers to turn it around. The handiwork is even more impressive in person. It's no wonder his first internship was with the famous and New York's sole Haute Couture designer Chado Ralph Rucci. Seeing his work gave me hope for fashion as art or as Timothy says, "l'art pour l'art'. Good to know that this notion did not die with the passing of Alexander McQueen. I cannot wait to see him open his own fashion house.
Also in the evening collections worth noting were Devin Cole whose hand painted creations reminded me a bit of Rodarte, Kasia Wisniewski's deco inspired gowns, and Natalia Rodriguez's bejeweled confections.
The Costume Design collections really blew my mind. Alessandra Hammett took the very archetypal fairy tale characters and brought them to life as Queen of Hearts and Cinderella
Another crowd pleaser was Rayneese V Primrose's Thriller Death to the Homecoming queen was both gothic yet fashionable.
Kathleen Su's sportswear reminded me a bit of Heatherette yet still was innovative, fresh, and very street.
We didn't get to see any of Spencer Richardson's collection on the runway but based on the catalogue I would love to see what he does next as his knit dresses looked promising.
Also seen were collections from Julie Ann Mollo, May Samoto, Abby Powell, Jennifer Damm, Suzie Ford, Lina Fedirko, Nina Zilka, Jeff Dodd, David J Krause, Kristen Steinman, K. Paige Regan, Emma Madnick, Christie Espinosa, Christine Brown, Tiffany Nousiopoulos.
In the audience a few notables-Iris Apfel in front row looking very stylish in her signature ethnic beads, the celebrity stylist Freddie Leiba, celebrity stylist and actor Philip Bloch in a very cool hat, Hamish Bowles, Ralph Pucci, Gilles Mendel, Hal Rubenstein, and Mickey Boardman of Paper.

Meanwhile see the red carpet photos HERE
New York Times Review of the pre-judging stage.
Did you see the show? What were your thoughts?

New York Photo Festival

I ventured out to Dumbo to check out the New York Photo Festival for the second year in a row. It's going on through this weekend. Unlike most New Yorkers I don't have a phobia about crossing bridges and exploring the Brooklyn borough-I actually cherish it. But I must say I was left a bit underwhelmed by the festival and craving a fashion focused photo festival. If you know of one..please let me know. Here are some pics of some pieces and installations I felt were worthy and interesting. Void during this show were galleries or hawkers. I got the feeling that purchasing was not an option.My first stop was the DutchDoc!Space which was a labyrinth of book pages curated by Marga Rotteveel. Using materials from others in the dutch spirit of 'we do it ourselves' the following photographers in this show are Petra Stavast, Daan Paans, Wytske van Keulen, and Willem Popelier.

An ad for one of the festival's 'bodies in question' photo by Raphael Dellaporta at St Anns Warehouse

These images were pulled from google street views and blow up by Michael Wolf. I love how the notion of who can claim ownership of images the artist,the mechanism, the Internet, or google is being questioned.
Again great advertisements for the fair on the construction bridge in dumbo.
Collage art by Chantal Rens
Sanja Medic
My last stop was at the talk given by Paul Kooiker who uses photography and post production tools on the computer to assemble groups of images expounding on the same theme or subject. He spoke at length about his work and what fascinated me is that he hired models that aren't often booked and said they were often older and larger. I wonder if he was last picked in dodge ball as a kid...He also is pushing the viewer to become a voyeur and never shows the face of his art subject because he likes theme of anonymity.

Surreal New/Old Photography

Tom Chamber

both 'books' by Brian Taylor

More AAF picks. ModernBook Gallery who represents Brian Taylor, Jamie Baldridge, and Tom Chambers. I found the three artists working with photography in a moody, surreal, and new but vintage way. The gallery is located in Palo Alto which makes me happy as I grew up in Marin County.

AAF Vernissage

Joanna Czajka
Adam Lach
Kasia Kilfert
Ahh the Affordable Art fair. On of my favorite fairs in new york city. Just like the grocery store where I feel free spend the fair caps art works at under 10K. Not bad for some top notch art. It was very tightly curated fair this season held at 7 west 35th street in Manhattan. Here are some of my top pics.
My first stop was in meeting the charming and beautiful Izabella Kay an artist of PassionateCuriosityAboutBlue and owner of London based gallery called Vernissage representing several polish photographers. Here are three that I loved. All c-type diasec on aluminum and mounted on glass.

How do you like your steak? Paris or New York?

This has been a busy week but I managed to squeeze in a little ME time and took myself out to Le Relais de Venise L'entrecote newly opened on Lexington and 52nd.
The original L'entrecote is in Paris bien sur but why did I take myself out when I'm such a homebody? Nostalgia and I wanted to see how they could possible replicate a Parisian institution. In 1996 I was 'stuck' in Paris living with a fabulous French boyfriend I will call him 'G'-he's still the standard for me and he took me there one evening. Located not far from the Eiffel Tower I was shocked to arrive and find a long line outside. G explained this is the best steak in all the land and it is worth the wait. Boy was he right and what the steak brought to the rustic table was matched in attitude, simplicity, and ambiance. No menu, they just ask you how you like your steak done-'a point, saingant, ect' and I think they guillotine you if you order it well done. Tables were covered in brown paper and they marked on the table in pencil the wine and how you want your steak prepared with a simple scrawl. How refreshing and relaxing not to worry about what to eat. Along with the heavenly steak with heavenly fries, came also a green salad. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Back in at the New York outpost I was enjoying my steak frites but realizing that the Parisian ambiance that 'je ne sais quoi' was missing. The Lexington location is too clean and with a 'no smoking' sign. All attempts have been made to replicate the brasserie look with the tiered service bar, armoire serving stations, banquets in burgundy, the french small wine glass but it lacks history. I secretly wished they had employed a company to make the place look older than Peter Luger. Plenty of Williamsburg new restaurants have opened with tin ceilings and the appearance of age. I would have much preferred a little fake old instead of the shiny and bright. I do give them props for the black and uniforms a la Jeanne Moreau in Diary of a Chambermaid. I guess I just miss Paris!

Have you any experience with any of the L'entrecote mini chain? I would love to hear from you! Comment down below...

Andre' Leon Talley at FIT

Fear is Not an Option” – Andre’ Leon Talley
Guest Post by Mary 'Coco' Assenmacher

Vogue’s own Andre’ Leon Talley was the guest speaker at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Thursday evening serving up thoughts on personal style, etiquette and grace while being interviewed by Valerie Steele. Not to be upstaged by the PETA protesters outside FIT, in regard to Mr. Talley’s penchant for wearing fur, he made his regal entrance in a Karl Lagerfeld Couture ‘Tiepolo Red’ McFarland cape and embracing his own essence of ‘high and low’ brow fashion, paired it with a crystal-adorned NAACP t-shirt created by Harlem’s own Gerald Matthews. Andre’ spoke of his Grandmother, his dear friend and mentor Diana Vreeland and of designers Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander McQueen to which Andre’ stated of the former, ‘we’ve lost a poet – a master of romanticism’. Especially interesting was the idea that clothes are a ‘code of correctness and appropriateness’, an idea Mr. Tally shares equally with Ms. Vreeland. Apparently Ms. Vreeland also felt that polish was a particular code of discipline, therefore prompting Andre’ to spray shellac his own set of Louis Vuitton luggage. Polish indeed. “Personal style comes from within”, he reminded everyone in the audience. He championed new designers with the ideals of “always live your dreams” and “never give up on your dreams”. Finally, we were left with these words of inspiration; “Fashion is a multifaceted stone.”… “Whatever you put on is fabulous, because it came from your own fantasy”.
Mary (Coco) Assenmacher spends her nights as a cardiothoracic surgery nurse practitioner in New York City, with her free time spent both printmaking as well as living and breathing fashion. "Fashion inspires me to do anything I want to do".

I fell in love at first note..

Not often that I fall in love with singer/harpist. Pamela Martinez of is a true original. During her short performance at Les Salonnieres she charmed 3 audience members to strip to be her backup naked cherubs while fanning themselves with egg cartons. Result-pure spontaneous genius. Hear her sound in this quick video above. She has upcoming gigs at Pianos. What do you think about her music?

Zac Posen for Target 24 Hour Party

Can't say there was a huge selection of 'must haves' when I arrived to the Zac Posen for Target 24 hour Party on a rainy Friday Morning. I opted out of the red carpet party the night before despite enticing tweets from other attendees but was shocked to see the event so bare of people and variety of merchandise. Bit like being in a club during the day time. The pop up store concept has soared in NY and this was a big difference from the Liberty from London pop up mob scene. I wondered if it was the location of 8th Avenue or that this party and color scheme was a more night time feel. Never the less I was fascinated by the event design and what they did to the 'rough around the edges' space attached to a non-descript hotel. I met a lovely French who was so impressed by the tuxedo pants she was buying 2 and thought the quality was really good. She refused to let me take her photograph but described her style as edgy and was very pleased with her purchases which she let me shoot. I had a hard time picking out something to try on because I really couldn't see any of the collection being workhorse or seriously versatile. There seemed to be racks of a bad strapless prom type dress in black and red that looked great in photos but cheap in person and priced at $99. However, I tried on 2 dresses-the black knit dress was a color I wouldn't wear but riffing on Herve Legere I found it to be a strong piece except for the thick hem that was too transparent for my taste. I definitely looked like a more expensive dress. The gold/black kicky dress had wonderful pleating and stitch detailing but at the end of the day is a stretch metallic Lycra fabric suited for clubbing and not my lifestyle. It is inspiring to see Zac Posen's career which has gone so far from his grassroots start at the kitchen table.

Nooses and Naked Cherubs at the Artist Salon

My favorite/coolest naked cherub Mathew Heggem

Photographer Brian Raby

I was so inspired by the location where the last Artist Salon (@LesSalonnieres) was held in the lower east side on Saturday night that I took some arty stills. Luckily I arrived early to prep for my talk and got some with natural light. Part of the allure of the evening was the slight fear of danger. A dinner mate intimated that he wondered if we would fall through the floor at any moment. Could have been all the nooses hanging around inspiring our smooze about suicide until a fellow artist suggested we switch to discussing sex. There was no typical lighting fixtures so the whole evening was powered by candle lite. Adam Aleksander hosted in what is probably one of the last authentic tenements. I've seen so many interior decorators in Williamsburg fake this decor look but this was the 'swept up' real deal. Below are some of the artists who made this event special:

Adam Aleksander-Host

Jenny Miller-Host

Kara Masi-Ted and Amy SupperClub-Chef

Gentry Farley-Mixologist
(no website/twitter yet)

Ventiko- Photographer

Candi Sterling-Moderator candisterling at

Amatullah Lewis- bread purveyor

Jeff Orlick- poet

Pamela Martinez

Alexandra Stylist Speaks at Art Salon

Adam Aleksander of @LesSalonnieres invited me to speak about using social media as an artist. I was lucky enough to have the fabulous Thaddeus (also shoots for film my talk and the Q&A that followed. A big THANK YOU THADDEUS. If you want to see more of Thaddeus's work go to his SITE.
Hair Sponsor: The fabulous and talented Sara Huting of 612-741-3020

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Terrace Talk Spring Fashion with AlexandrA

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Are you experiencing a fashion emergency or conundrum? What one question would you like to ask a style expert? Find out more in the video.


Guest columnist Nichole Wright gives us the lowdown on SXSW
From its comparatively humble beginning as a 700-band music showcase in 1987 to its current role as an arbiter of film, interactive media, music and now fashion trends - drawing in over 30,000 official registrants, SXSW has become a hallmark of the no-holds-barred approach to fun that only Austin can provide. As for the style and fashions, Austin is no L.A. or Manhattan - but it has a unique style of it's own - especially during SXSW - lot's of black & grey's, skinny jeans, short flowered sundresses, stripes, cherry red Ray-Ban sun glasses. Hipster heaven - rockabily, indie and punk style! And there were so many unofficial shows and shindigs that inevitably spring up on the outskirts of the more structured festivities.
My first event to attend, albeit on a rainy Monday Night was an invite-only St. Supery tasting and Twitter meet-up at CRU wine bar. We tasted 4 lovely wines from Napa and an assortment of cheeses. The winery's social media guy, Rick Bakas was on hand along with a big screen of live tweets from guests and supporters. Live, virtual reactions to how things tasted! NYC based media outlet, Thrillist recently launched in Austin and held an event at the infamous BBQ joint, Stubb's.

Read more juicy bits on Part 2 SXSW
Nichole Wright, Bon Vivant "girl" is an event planner, publicists, former New Yorker, and recent Austin transplant. Twitter@bonvivantgirl