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Star Gemma Redux

Here's what I'm currently jonesing for:
Gemma Redux the Jac Necklace on sale at
Rachel Dooley is a super cool jewelry designer who I'm proud to know (thanks LWL)
It's a great investment as she was just chosen to be part of the CFDA Fashion Incubator starting in March-SNAP!
She also invented/started that messy jumble chain necklace thing that everyone else picked up and 'interpreted' months later.
It's a great mix of materials in a rock star way (I'm a big fan of rose gold, pyrite and gray is on trend)
Shorter necklaces are more versatile than long lariats-great under a button down or with a dress
I love anything Gossip Girl-esque and Rachel supplied oodles of fabulous baubles worn on the show by Serena.
Get one while supplies last..
Want to know more about Rachel and see her other creations?
Here's more INFO

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