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one size does not fit all

Junior high was awkward for me but made even more awkward by my unique sense of style. The lines Multiples and Units (both started by Sandra Garrett) were battling it out in the market place as I was dealing with having my hair pulled by Kevin Cohen. But back to me..I was a total mall rat and had found the line multiples at Macy's fascinating. The 80's cotton clothing line came in clear plastic bags much like what you might store your out of season long underwear in and was all one size fits all. Colors were also limited to black, white, mint green, navy, and other 'wide' appeal shades. The concept was that many pieces were multifunctional-a miniskirt could be a top, belt, scarf, or headscarf as a medieval bride and the design was meant to adjust to different sizes. Translation-everything was cut super big. For a budding stylist this line provided me with endless entertainment after school while listening to Madonna on my cassette boom box. But when I look at pictures of myself I see how ridiculous I looked (but hey didn't everyone look ridonculous in the 80's?) and it would have been virtually impossible to be popular with my far out style. I was just walking to my own set of maracas. But the other lesson I see in glancing back is that one size does not fit all and fit is the most important thing I share with my private clients. Because if you don't look good, we don't look good!
If you want to read a bit more about Multiples and Units click here


Anonymous said...

You were SO friggin cute!!! Cuter now.

Robin said...

Your blog is right on and you were cute.

Anonymous said...

This email below is so how I feel about editorials in this day and age, this was one of the main reasons I started Revealing Fashion. In an attempt to create a brand that will change the mentality, methods, and means in wish fashion is portrayed, hopefully altering the way fashion effects the world. Your once size fits all story was extremely moving because I too can remember one of my earliest experiences in Macy's, and what it made me feel about fashion. Running through isles touching different pieces, noticing the variety of textures, the different colors, the patterns, I felt like I could stay there forever. I wont bore you any further with old stories, just felt like sharing a experience which seemed like you could relate to. I'll continue to follow your blog, and hope the stories will reach those fashion enthusiasts who would like to hear a fresh take on it from an old fashion new york girl. Thank you for the images and bio I greatly appreciate them.

norvie said...

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