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Casual Glamour

This fall upon my return to NYC I looked to find a new fashion inspiration. I found my new direction in a post of my good friend Marni's blog. The article talks about how sometimes it's better as a woman to not look like you're trying to hard in the dressing department. So I took this as my new fashion direction and one night decided to experiment. Usually to a cocktail i put on a simple dress and accessorize it. To Marni's party on the Upper East Side I wore cream linen sailor pants-fitting and flattering, a cream eyelet top with some subtle ruffles-also very flattering, layered pearls which had been my mothers, a touch of makeup and jewelry and metallic flats. During the course of the evening I received several compliments from men and women on how much they liked my outfit. The men seemed to pick up on my confidence and my natural attitude and applauded my daring to not wear heels. All of this was a nice surprise and a good lesson. Never let them see you sweat and confidence is key!

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Anonymous said...

I can attest that Alexandra looked absolutely fabulous that night and definitely stood out. And the things is, it is true - men AND women both appreciated the simplicity, stylishness and elegance of her outfit (often a hard feat to accomplish!).