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Nina Loren Head Bling

Last night at GenArt's event I spotted this amazing head bling/hair art and met the artist. Nina Loren is based in Miami but she has a website of hand crafted jewelry. Check it out and order away. With the whole obsession with headbands, feathers, mini hats, this look is one to take off.


Martha said...

I love the hair bling! Everything Nina makes is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this look. Went to the website, but I cant make a purchase? Nina Loren has such gorgeous and unique pieces. How do I buy them??

-Interested in Florida

Anonymous said...

My daughter wore Nina Loren hair bling at her birthday with matching earrings. She looked GORGEOUS! What a fresh interesting new look. Nina Loren also makes unique bracelets, necklaces, fabulous rings, everything a fashionista would want. Actually, you don't even have to be a fashionista - you just have to want a look that is stylish yet you don't look like everyone else. Check out Nina Loren - you will be happy happy!

D'Arianne Martos said...

i love that!!