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Onurth for a new earth

Skincare handcrafted and made with the purest ingrediants. Synthetic free, organic, unrefined, and made in small batches. Music to my ears. I've recently gone through a medicine cabinet makeover shake up and this is one of the lines that is here to stay. I discovered them 2 years ago at the holiday market at Bryant park and initially bought at few items as Christmas gifts. But something amazing happened-the women who I gave these products too flipped over them and asked for them again. Now it's a holiday tradition and I have personally fallen for them too. The serums are amazing, the relaxing oil is by my bedside and I use just before bed as it's a delicious blend that includes my favorite scent lavender. My cousin swears by the rose hydrolat... I could go on and on. But please check out their story and philosophy on their website and support our local artisans making wonderful products.

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